I just love a vase full of gladiolas in different colours. They are in season now and you can buy them in every  flower shop. Once in the vase however, you very often will be disappointed when the  stems don’t  bloom all the way to the top, which is when those glads look their best. Now this is my trick: Just clip  the top, unopened floret off.

Above is an image of a rather unusual arrangement of florets I took off my latest bouquet just to show you what it is I do. Somehow that last floret keeps the water from reaching the top of the stem; having taken it off, will help the flower to bloom until the whole stem has opened.
Extend the life of your flowers by giving the stems a fresh cut and changing their water daily. They can last up to 5 days this way.

Did you know that it is the pointy sword-like leaves that give the gladiola its name?
The Latin words gladiolum, gladium mean sword or double-edged sword.  Fancy that…