Girls, this post is exclusively for you. It’s a shoe post. The other day I had three grave problems to solve: a) An event to go to, but no shoes to match my gown, b) Tight evening shoes with high heels always hurt my feet. But a long dress requires heels, c) It was going to rain, and the thought of ruining brand new shoes already put me off the whole idea of a glamorous night out. This is what I got to match my dress and solve my predicaments: rubber shoes!

The most comfortable dressing shoes I have ever worn. Plus, after walking on the wet pavement they still looked brand new, my new Vivienne Westwood for Melissa shoes.

, a shoe company founded in Brazil in 1971, has taken plastic recycling to new fashion heights with their designs for the environmentally conscious. All of the company’s shoes are made out of MELFLEX plastic, which is hypo-allergenic, void of animal products, and recyclable.  It is said of the eco fashion footwear label that it also pays its employees above average wage, and that their benefits are exemplary. When their shoes can’t be sold from a previous season, they are melted into new styles. About 99% of their industrial waste is recycled including painting residues, production water and PVC.

Fashion designer Jean Paul Gaultier has also collaborated with Melissa to create a recyclable cigarette-heel stiletto, offering a sexy look without the carbon waste. So has Thierry Mugler and architect Zaha Hadid, who created an intriguing shoe inspired by her designs for buildings.

My shoes are the result of the ongoing collaboration with Vivienne Westwood, named Anglomania. The so called Lady Dragons, peep-toe heels come either with a big Christmas-ornament like ball, or a bold cookie-cutter heart.

I didn’t wear the so called Jellies in the 80s, and I wouldn’t have thought that I was ever going to be a fan of plastic shoes. But am truly enthusiastic about Melissa shoes for several reasons. First of all they felt so good on my feet. Then, the fact that they smell of bubble gum added to the fun. But the real pro-argument here is the material and its implications for the environment.

MELFLEX the magic composition

In shoes the biggest challenge has been to develop a material which could be easily molded to the foot, providing superior comfort compared to other products currently on the market. This formula was developed in Brazil’s Melissa laboratories. The result is this composition called MELFLEX, which has characteristics that provide improved elasticity, impermeability and resistance. Its formula contains products which are hypoallergenic and 100% safe to your health. It is odorless, neutral and natural. MELFLEX maintains its special properties even after being recycled. Plus it is a mono-material. This is crucial in the recycling process as it can be reused without costly separation from any other components. The factory has almost (99%) zero-waste, recycling its water and waste, and the employees are well-paid. The company also supports further social and environmental programmes in Brazil.

I would have thought lots of people simply can’t deal with the idea of wearing plastic shoes, no matter who designed them and how stylish they are. Their main concern may be perspiration. My newly acquired experience is that  the sweat problem is an illusion, as plastic doesn’t absorb moisture, so it does seem as though there is more sweating than with leather shoes. But our feet perspire no matter what we wear. As far as odors are concerned,  Melflex is odorless, but a fruity scent is added to keep potential smells at bay. And it is very easy to keep these shoes clean – just wash them in soap and water.
This is just too many problems less, that I recommend you to see more Melissa designs and information on stockists on their website.