“Me no speak English”  doesn’t help much as an answer to a pressing question when you’re in a country  whose language you don’t speak and when you are desperately trying to communicate in that other language which supposedly is the global lingua franca. It is an emergency – you need the loo  - how you tell that to a Chinese, Japanese or Thai person? With pictures. Simple. Back to those cave drawing basics.

When you can’t say it or mime it, point to it. Unlike typical phrase books, the Me No Speak-books don’t require you to pronounce a foreign language, but let you say or ask what you need in the simplest possible way: by pointing at what you want to say from a small book full of useful drawings. A simple and smart invention that lets you travel with confidence. Me no speak language companions are designed to fit in your pockets and enable easy interactions on-the-go. They are available for travelers to China, Japan and Thailand.

You point at what you want to say in their food menus, illustrated day-to-day activities, and point-to-phrases. Restaurant menus are formatted with the Westerner in mind, the most usual courses are easy to find. Ordering food in a foreign country has never been easier. Specialized content helps vegetarians and people with food allergies. Colour coded topics are designed to include all the information you need in one place, so you don’t have to flip around between sections. The topics are:

General Help
Health & Safety

Besides the book, there is also an App of the Me no speak guide for China and soon there  will be guides for France, Italy, Korea, Turkey, and the Spanish speaking world. To order go to http://www.menospeak.com/index.html.