I get very excited about breakthroughs – that’s when I think of the wonderful Honda ads that used to say “Isn’t it great when things just work …”. My current excitement may also be due to the boost of vitamins I have had in the last weeks. I have been given a juice maker to test and I have to say, it works better than all the juice makers I have seen in action to this date! This one is is not yet available in Germany -it will hit the stores beginning of 2011. Until then let me get you excited about it.

Riding on the wave of the us Germans loving espresso-making, the Korean company Coway called its innovation Juicepresso.  For me the revolutionary aspect here is how much thinking went into making a machine that is so easy to clean. Though a big fan of freshly squeezed juices, I had given up on my old juicer and had banned it to a remote corner of a storage room. The hope being that should I desperately want fresh juice one day, I would put up with the inconvenience of making it. In three years that didn’t happen.

The Juicepresso is so cleverly designed and constructed that it not just presses the juice out of the fruit, it also presses the pulp out of the machine. As most of the pulp exits the machine as it juices, it is almost self-cleaning. Once you’re done with making juice, all you do is pour water through the machine while it is still running. This washes most of the pulp out. It is also recommended you run water through it, when you change fruits or vegetables in order to make a different drink.

Of course you will have to dismantle the thing to wash it properly, but that takes only a few minutes and as none of the components  are made of sharp edges or blades, it is not a problem.

Easy to clean is THE big unique problem solved here. But also the design is great. It is slim and elegant. On my kitchen work surface it snuggles up nicely to my blender, and toaster, which are two other highly used machines in my household. Amazing also how light it is when you need to pull it out of its corner, or when you want to carry it to another place.

There are a few more benefits and problems less: This machine doesn’t “shred” your juice with fast-spinning blades which prevents oxidation of the nutritious elements. Oxidation is the chemical process that causes air to react with the juice and deplete its valuable nutrients. Less oxidation is also suppose to preserve the taste of the juice. Juicepresso is faster than other juicers and more efficient, as it manages to squeeze most of the fluids out of the fruit. You can tell by the pulp which comes out completely dry. To top the experience, the juices you make taste great. I am all for this one-problem-less-innovation in my kitchen. And I am all for delicious juice every single morning. Well done Korea!