My readers will remember how my plants successfully survived the summer when I wasn’t at home to water them. I described the automatic plant watering system I came up with in one of the posts of practical tips (see categories). That DIY solution is great considering how simple it is, but after five days or so when the water is used up, plants are doomed to die . I may have just found the solution to this problem too. And I am not talking about a new complicated and expensive system of water hoses and timers.

This is a completely new patent from a clever inventor from Thuringia and it is said to hold enough water for a plant to survive up to three weeks. I visited Frank Naumann yesterday in the former East German town of Erfurt, where he was presenting his invention at the local fair for innovation. Here it is at his stand cut in half :

You can see the pot has an internal container which serves as the water reservoir. There are tubes that release the air, so that the container can be totally filled.

There is one important requirement though for the system to work. The roots of the plant have to have grown enough to reach the bottom of the pot. This way they can really help themselves to the water stored in the pot.

Water absorbent clay granules form the layer between the soil and its access to the water, which is supplied by polyester strings that reach into the reservoir. It seems everything is cleverly thought through.

The pot is already on sale in selected stores. A secured patent for US and Canada has insured distribution there as well. The small factory in Erfurt is working on enlarging the size of production output and offering of different models and shapes of the pots. Any interest from your side, let me know and I can pass it on.

Shame summer is over now, but I was given one pot to try out and keep you posted about. Mybe I can start raising my Christmas tree in this devise …