If Berliners have a problem, than it is the fact that there are no mountains anywhere near them. Hey, but that is not a problem anymore! Today they kick-start their winter season right in the heart of town at the ultra modern Potsdamer Platz.

It is quite impossible these days to image this area of Berlin as a piece of no-man’s-land with watch towers, barb wire and land mines as it was during the days of the former GDR. It has become a bustling neighborhood, with high rises full of offices and private apartments, a train station, shops etc. With a small ski run and snow, I find these historical days of horror even harder to picture. Why would anyone want to slide down a patch of snow in the middle of a hustling city? Because its fun! As of today until January 1st 2011 our local dare dare devils can steer a sledge down this hill.  It is all about looking forward, humor and problem-solving abilities, isn’t it??