Come on Baby light my fire! But what do you do if there are no matches to be found? Go to your pantry and get a spaghetti stick.

I read it in an amusing article the other day where a journalist was describing how he remembers people by the unusual tips he was given by them. The tall blond wife of  German politician will now be remembered by this writer because she uses spaghettis when she is out of matches. Note: We are talking about  raw spaghetti sticks here.

Of course I had to try it out. It works! Especially tagliatelle burn well as they are wider then spaghetti and therefore produce a more substantial flame.

I always buy the over-length matches as they are much more efficient when lighting several candles. From now one, I will also revert to spaghettis for this job.

Also when the wick is hard to reach the spaghetti stick is your One-Problem-Less-solution!