This has been a real problem until now. I simply love this fruit, but my experiences of preparing it were so bad, that I would only buy them freshly peeled and packaged at my Lebanese deli. Yesterday I found out that the daughter of the shop keeper got married and is now peeling pomegranates back in Beirut and not in Berlin any more. I was so shattered by this news that this lovely Middle Eastern father took me to the back of his shop and taught me how to get to the coveted seeds without any hassle at all. “It is not as bad as you think”, he said. “You only need to know how”. So true.

Pomegranates are in season right now.They are not only delicious, but full of Vitamin C and antioxidants, so don’t be put off by the job of peeling them. Follow these simple instructions.

Just like you would with an orange, cut the crown off. By scoring the exterior rind from top to bottom – again as you would when peeling an orange, you can break open the fruit.

The trick is to separate the red shell in a bowl of water. This way you not only not splash any of the fruit juice all over your clothes and the kitchen surface,  you are also able to easily separate the seeds from the inedible pulp with your fingers under water.

The seeds sink to the bottom of the bowl and the white pulp membranes float on the surface.

Now simple scoop off the white stuff and any seeds that don’t look too good, strain the water through a colander and you’re done!

This whole procedure takes no more than three to four minutes.

Enjoy as many pomegranates as you can this winter season – they are so good for you.