Just when you thought you’ll never hear from me again, here is my latest recommendation in the practical solutions department. With this bag you can solve two problems when shopping at a supermarket. Problem one being having to buy a plastic bag that will pollute the earth. Problem two being the hassle not to be able to fill the shopping bag in an efficient and fast way.

This nylon bag is made to make shopping with a trolley easy. Its opening can be stretched over the whole width of a shopping cart and hung up there on both sides.

While browsing through the aisles you can use it to fill it with your groceries. If you are smart, you’d place all the “soft ware” (fruits and vegetables) in the bag and the heavy stuff in the rest of the cart. At the check out counter you can start emptying your cart  heavy stuff first. The innovative problem solving really begins when you have a shopping bag waiting for you wide open ready to receive your groceries. Once your done, shut the aluminium bars, take the handles and set off home.  No more repacking and fiddling with nasty plastic bags.

The easy shopper holds up to 15 kilos, and rolled up, it is just slightly  bigger than a pocket umbrella. Besides its sophisticated collapsible design, I liked how the velcro strips join the handles and make for an easy grip. The inside pocket can also come in handy. Then there are two plastic coins in an extra tiny pocket the size of a one Euro coin to help you get a cart in the first place. Good thinking!!

You can buy it from reisenthel at http://www.reisenthel-shop.de/index.php for € 12.90