All the apps I have, have been for free. This time I indulged myself and purchased the “Bra-fitter” from itunes for  € 1.59.

I really liked the sales pitch:

“You may know your size. You may be mistaken. Can you afford to take the risk?”

And then:

“This version allows you to publish your bra photos and sizes on facebook” . Haha!! Well, I didn’t do that but I will tell you my size later on.

The app allows you to figure out your bra size depending on the bra style and brand. It shows the most probable size but also a couple of other sizes which could also fit. Since there is not the one and only right bra size – as I have now discovered –  this feature is the real problem solver. Plus, it shows you the sizes in the different bra universes such as US, UK, EU, FR, AU.

Here is how it works: measure your underbreast and your overbreast in either cm or inches. Mark both diales. Next you choose your brand (no particular brand is also possible) and style (padded, tight, bikini, bustier etc). This is what the app translated for me:

My best fit is a 70B. If however, the band rides up on the back or does not give the breast enough support, try 60C of 65D. If the band feels right but the cups look tto small, try 70C: if they are too big try 70A. If the band feels too tight, try 70A, or 75A.

No wonder, 75B has never really been the right fit for me. Someone, somewhere in the world in some department store told me this is what I should get. So, I have only ever tried all different kinds of 75Bs until I found a model that more or less did the job. That I should try all these other version – nobody ever disclosed to me!

This app is the thing you want  to bring into the fitting room next time you’re lingerie shopping. I am now expecting my next bra bra to do wonders for your figure….