Your charger is not a garden hose. While there is no water coming through the hose once you’ve closed the tap, your charger is using precious electricity even if you’ve pulled off the phone.

Why am I saying this even though the web is full of advice and warnings on this subject?  Maybe because another reminder is needed. I went to water a friend’s plants just now and saw her charger plugged to the wall. She has been away for the hole week. The transformer was nicely warm.  And no phone to pick up the power. What a waste! Makes me wonder: How much electricity could be put to better use right now, if all  phone-less yet plugged-in chargers were unplugged? My hunch is lots and lots …

While I was at it, I turned off my friends TV as well as all other devises on stand-by. She had tons of those too! Two TVs, a radio, a toothbrush, an espresso machine.

The problem of stand-by power consumption is, that it is also a huge waste and  essentially a technological concern. More should be done by the appliance industry to help reduce  electricity consumption by equipment in stand-by mode. However, until the production is improved, you can do your part in  problem solving by switching the appliances off totally. That is no more signal lights. Alternatively using a multi-socket power bar can make it easier to turn off several appliances at once.