Stains or moths got the better of your favourite jumper? Don’t fret and don’t throw it away! Here is an easy way to give new life to your woolen garments. It is quick and fun!

By poking fluffy wool with a barbed needle you can felt a new shape. Through this action another layer of wool is tightly fused onto the base fiber thereby disguising spots or mending holes. You can continue washing your garment as usual. It is so easy to do and once you’re at it, you can’t stop! So I went a bit wild with one of my cardigans:

Here are a few other examples of what you can do with a cookie cutter to help you create fun shapes:

The One-hole-less repair kits come in three different colour combinations, dark, bright and spring colours. They include all you need for the job – the wool, the needles and the faom, as well as instructions in English and German. As our shop is still under construction, you can now purchase these kits in Berlin Mitte at the famous Hackesche Höfe , Hof 3 & 5, Rosenthalerstr. 40/41, 10178 Berlin.

The shop, called Promobo, has a crazy mix of wares, handy craft and locally designed stuff. Opening hours are Monday through to Sunday  11 am –  19 pm