Our world is full of problems. Small ones and very big ones. No matter their magnitude – a problem is a problem. And that is a good thing. It is problems that make some people discover skills they didn’t know they had. They can get so passionate about the dilemma at hand, that they don’t stop until they found the solution. The predicaments that need fixing are as diverse and fascinating as the authors of their solutions.

Dr. Rupprecht Gabriel is an electrical engineer, inventor and founder of BRAINSTREAM, a manufacturer of witty, intelligent and functional things. More than 40 patents have already originated from Gabriel’s “brain streams” which he trained during many years of research on projects for the electronic industry. He experienced how smart inventions, which had no obvious use in everyday life, never made it to production. He realized that some of these inventions may well prove to be very valuable, if they were just nurtured a bit more and tweaked so that they could be turned into useful devises. Thus in 2001 the father of three started his own business.

His bestselling invention so far  is the PiepEi, a singing plastic egg. Fed up with sunday morning’s eggs not having the right consistency, he came up with a simple devise to help us produce the perfect soft egg. All you do is place PiepEi with your eggs in the water and start boiling it. Once the desired firmness is reached PiepEi plays a melody. At the sound of “Killing me softly” you know the yolk is softly boiled. You must admit: that’s more fun than your ordinary timer??

It gets even better, as PiepEi functions everywhere. Whether is in the mountains – where water already boils in less than 100 degrees centigrade,which extends the cooking process – or in a submarine, or anywhere below sea leavel, where water boils above 100 degrees centigrade, PiepEi helps you produce the perfect soft egg no matter where you are. I wonder, what makes Gabriel tick? Here are seven answers from the inventor of the perfect egg boiler:

1. Describe the source of your vision?


2. Who or what taught you to be an entrepreneur / problem solver?

Curiosity and laziness paired with the professional ability and Know-How to solve the problems.

3. Describe your entrepreneurial / problem solver breakthrough moment.

I always had fun with my inventions that worked. For example 1975 I came up with electrical Christmas tree lightswhich could be lit with matches and blown out, as if they were candles. There were also more serious ideas like the first field oriented digital drive, the first electronic electricity meter, and of course PiepEi.

4. Which book has inspired you most?

Wikipedia – even if it is not a book.

5. Which technology or invention can’t you live without?

My glasses.

6. Your best advice to other potential problem solvers out there?

 Fuel your brain with knowledge. Knowledge is power, no knowledge no power.

 7. What other problem would you want to solve if you had the time?

Time is not the only  limited resource. For inventions you need money, you need networks, you need to know how to reach consumers. One of my concerns is the sustainable use of na resources. It would be great to move some of the visions that exist from ideas to reality. Take ORC Micro generators that translate unused energy into power, which could prove to be more cost efficient then our current Photovoltaic systems.