Isabella von Bülow

I am a practical person. I like things with a function; things that just work. And I am fascinated with practical people who come up with things that work.

What works and where can we buy what works, that is the question.

The idea for One Problem Less was born when I came across the term of “Design Thinking”. Though it sounded like a marketing gig for designers who like to make pretty things, which often don’t work, the term seemed to bear some aspects that spoke strongly to me.

“Design thinkers” start with an understanding of the real problems people face in their day-to-day lives and then they toy around with a range of possible solutions. They aim to solve problems by using the ability to exploit and built on opposing ideas and opposing constraints, with a view of creating new solutions and ideally exploring new markets and opportunities along the way.

I am interested how visionary people cause new solutions to come into existence. Not so much the rocket science story of innovation, but the less glamorous, one-problem-less solution of our daily lives. So I started thinking about what problems we could possibly do without, and the list is endlessly long.  I also thought about the problems that have been solved, and that list is also quite impressively big. This blog journey is about understanding culture and context – about the problems in our daily lives that need to be solved. It is also about the amazing thinkers who change the legacy of stuff and strive to add value. It is a blog about looking at fresh ways of re-framing everyday projects and problems.

Blog topics

I will write about objects or projects that I find worthy of mentioning either, because they are good and fit the one-problem-less-brief – which is a smart solution in terms of saving space, money and time, or because they are bad and therefore problematic. I will recognize and bring to your awareness the thinking a problem solver applied into finding the most obvious solution until a problem was totally eradicated and the  result  perfect. These can be very recent solutions, or creations that have been around for a long time and are now in a hall of fame of great inventions.

In other words,  I am mostly interested in things that are in fact self sufficient  in their problem solving characteristics – they need no further explanation. You can understand what they do just by looking at them or using them. And I will introduce you to people who stand out for their ingenuity and courage to persevere with finding a solution to a particular problem. As I live in Berlin, I will also report on what is happening here on the creativity front.

This all sounds very serious and grown-up, which it is as problem solving is a deep and meaningful matter! However, I will also pick up on things that are just fun, because creative people tend to have a good time while solving problems…